DNA Fashion

Calf boots - $100

Buckle up and let DNA drive. DNA raptures your inner need for beauty.

DNA Calf boot black side DNA Calf boot black right DNA Calf boot black front DNA Calf boot black pigeon toed

Spiked Knee Boots - $150

These boots show DNA's craftmanship, attention to detail and beauty, no pair of boots nothing satisfies you like a DNA original.

DNA Spiked Knee Boots right DNA Spiked Knee Boots front DNA Spiked Knee Boots left

Spiked 3" black heels - $100

When are shoes more leathal than your look? DNA shoes are lethal elegance, wear your work of art today.

DNA spiked black heels front DNA spiked black heels left side DNA spiked black heels toe pointed

Girl with the Golden Gun - $100

Feeling like you super vilian on a James Bond Movie, these shoes are just for you! Heels are

DNA Golden gun front DNA Golden gun left

Studded black 4" stiletto heel - $100

Fun, take no prisoners design and one of DNA's fun enjoyable and most elegant looking shoes..

DNA Studded black 4in stiletto heel right side DNA Studded black 4in stiletto heel front DNA Studded black 4in stiletto heel left front

Spiked Red Shoe 4" heels - $120 SOLD

As seen on creativeLIVE, you to can own a piece of history, style like no other, these shoes are you!

DNA Red Spiked heels left front DNA Red Spiked heels left forward DNA Red Spiked heels left profile